Chief Technology Officer Job Description

  • Nature of their Job

What does a Chief Technology Officer do?

This article is regarding one of the most important professional in any company, which goes by the short term “CTO”. Below given is the Chief Technology Officer Job Description. The CTO of any company is the chief of all the technological related happenings which happen in their company, which start from the computers and software related advancements to maintaining the company mainframes and so on. The Chief Technology Officer should always be a smart and confident individual, who has lots of technological and computer understanding and on top of that, they should also have the skills to easily correspond it to their subordinates. These officers directly report only to the Chief Executive Officer. They are the ones who are in charge of directing their company technically and are considered to be the chief in all the aspects of their organization’s technical related advancements. They are also looked up as the topmost technical executives of their company and are a part of an involved group which leads the company and also makes policies for the company’s future.


  • Education and Expertise Required

The educational qualifications and the skills that are needed to be chief technology officer

The chief technology officers have to undergo various educational courses and also have to learn a lot of technical related things. To start with, they would have to concentrate harder on the subjects which are related to mathematics and computers during their high school studies. Most of the companies typically need those contenders, who at least hold a Bachelor’s degree in the streams of Engineering, Computer Sciences and Information Sciences or even in Management Information Systems which is also termed as MIS. The most universal lessons which are educated in these classes can be a part of the following subjects which are –

  • Computer sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Systems designing
  • Statistics
  • Computer programming
  • Database management and
  • Other Engineering streams.

On the other hand, the students who are doing MIS take classes related to business in the subjects of finances, accountings and also marketing. Another aspect is that these officers would be required to have a minimum ten years of experience; certain bigger firms would want more which can be about 15years experience and even more than that.

  • Career Growth

The path to progression in the field of chief technology officers

The Job hunters might have a very good reason to feel confident, as the job market looks very capable for this position of the chief information officer and will see a major growth in the times to come. Most of the industries and other sectors are recruiting these officers for making sure that they would integrate various tools and technologies in developing their organization. Whereas, the other organizations are hiring these chief technology officers to make sure that there is compliance with all the industry rules and regulations and the standards set for the industry. Even the government is finding the need for CTO’s as well, as a very important career.

Tax Accountant Job Description

  • Nature of their Job

What does a Tax Accountant do?

The tax accountants are pretty much what their designation or the profession sounds like. They take care of the taxes and calculate how much any individual, a business house or the other companies owe the government. Their task is to save their patrons as much money as feasible or at least sufficient to be worth what the person is paying them for.

This is a brief narrative about the Tax Accountant Job Description. These professionals basically present support to various businesses or wealthy persons and help them in making their national and state taxes which can be either – income taxes, sales taxes, gift taxes and many other such relevant tax related matters. Additionally, these tax accountants reassure their patrons and other business people that their taxes have been correctly calculated according to the rules and regulations federal and other state laws.

Duties and Responsibilities – A few of them are listed below:

  • They have to work out the tax policies to defer various tax payments.
  • Should complete the necessary tax reporting in an apt manner.
  • They have to keep the company’s tax database updated as and when the tax rates alter.
  • Have to coordinate the various audits by the tax authorities and also synchronize the out sourced tax preparation work, if any.
  • Negotiate with taxation authorities over the payment problems and also advise the company management about the impact of the corporate strategies on taxation.
  • Education and Expertise Required

What are the qualifications and other requisites for a Tax Accountant?

Below given are the major requirements for becoming a Tax Accountant:

  • These aspirants have to finish their high school, a GED might also work in some entrance level fields, but at the same time, a few of the companies might have a preference for a diploma.
  • Then they have to complete a 2-year or a 4-year degree and take classes on accounting and other taxation subjects. Degrees are not very essential, but would boost your resume if you are a holder of any one of them.
  • Certifications vary from one state to another, so it would be better to find out and take that as well.
  • Achieve an entrance level job position, which can be obtained at any small taxation office or any small business. This would in turn give the applicant the much needed expertise and also professional references.
  • Career Growth

What are the job prospects in this field?

This field is always advancing rapidly with the kind of company’s and other individuals who are coming up in the higher tax brackets and are finding a need to hire such tax accountants, who would take care of all the taxation related aspects of their business. This profession is estimated to grow by about 22% in the coming years, which is far better than many other occupations.

Tax Accountant Job Description

  • Work Profile:

Who is a Tax Accountant and what does he do?

Tax accountants are the persons who offer the support to individuals and businesses by preparing their state and federal income taxes. The tax accountant job description written below will explain in detail what kind of work they generally do.

The tax assistants work to guarantee their business associates and clients that their taxes are accurately calculated with the state and federal laws. These professionals have complete knowledge about the business concepts and the government regulations. Tax accountants may also advise their clients on how to reduce tax liability and notify them of the any charges which can affect their business. These people are also involved in the audits or disputes which can affect their clients.

Various tasks performed by a tax accountant:

  • Tax accountant has the responsibility to maintain and safeguard the tax accounts of the company as like the normal accountant.
  • They are also required to pay good attention to accounts which is the foremost skill required for the tax accountants.
  • Tax accountants should be well aware of the tax laws of the country in which their employer company is operating.
  • Credentials and Abilities required

Title – What are the essential requirements for tax accountants?

Education / Training:

Having the bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for becoming the tax accountant. Potential candidates can also seek out the accounting programs like the business administration. Persons considering the master’s degree in the accountancy can also look for the programs which includes the tax concentration. However, these programs comprise the coursework in Auditing, financial planning, taxation, in addition to other courses in the statics and business calculus.


  • They must be good Team player
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Proper business awareness.
  • Mathematical and logic skills.
  • Problem solving power
  • Professional Growth

Title – What are the job prospects for tax accountant?

Employment opportunities for auditors and accountants are expected to grow by 23 percent in the coming years which is much faster than the average occupations. An increase in number of businesses, corporate governance policies, changing financial laws, increasing liability for protecting stakeholders will drive more jobs.

However, job opportunities are always higher for the individuals having the degree and certification as CPA. But, the applicants having the master’s degree in the business administration and accounting are always on advantage that the other one’s.

Construction Manager Job Description

  • Work Profile:

Who is a Construction manager and what does he do?

Construction managers are the individuals who are responsible for the co-ordination, planning and control of the projects from the time of initialization to time of completion. This construction manager job description would explain in detail what kind of work they generally do.

In the simple terms, construction supervisor or manager is has responsibility for running the part of whole of the construction site. Construction managers are also accountable for ensuring that requirements of clients regarding standards and functionality are met. The construction managers also work to handle any delays in the construction site due to bad weather or emergency.

The construction managers are also known as the construction superintendents, project managers, program managers, construction supervisors or general contractors.

Various tasks performed by a Construction manager:

  • Supervising the performance of contractors.
  • Determining the requirements of labor
  • Ensuring that construction material is used well.
  • Getting the necessary license or permits.
  • Examining compliance with set regulations.
  • Ensuring that construction work is well completed in time.
  • Directing and monitoring the progress of the construction site.
  • Monitoring the firing and hiring of the construction workers.
  • Credentials and Abilities required

Title – What are the essential requirements for a Construction Manager?

Education / Training:

The person who are aspirants to become the construction managers are required to have strong background in business, building science, management and the related work experience in the construction industry. They are also required to have good knowledge of construction methods, regulations and materials. Familiarity with the computers & software’s for online Collaboration, job casting, scheduling and estimation is also essential.


  • They must be attentive to the details
  • Must have strong coordination skills.
  • They ought to have excellent communication skills.

«  Professional Growth

Title – What are the job prospects for Construction managers?

Employment opportunities for the construction managers are expected to enhance by almost 17 percent from the past years which is faster than the average occupations. Job prospects are good for the people having the bachelor’s or higher degree in the related field. Construction managers also have many opportunities to start their own careers.

In addition to the job openings, there are many openings which will result from need to replace the existing workers.

Quality Engineer Job Description

  • Nature of their Job

The functions that a quality engineer carries out

Given below is the Quality Engineer Job Description, which is touted to be one of the most important and critical job positions in many of the companies. Basically, a quality engineer, in the majority of the organizations, can accomplish diverse functions, which range from checking the everyday actions of the organization which they work for to training the new joiners and taking other sessions with the current staff as well in order to keep a strict vigil on the quality of performance all through the organization. They are also the focal point of contact between the clients and also the suppliers. These engineers are mostly found working in the various manufacturing plants within the organization and other manufacturing units. A quality engineer is an important personnel of the organization who has a technical or an engineering backdrop and who handles the everyday problems of the product qualities within the unit, which they work for.

Duties and Responsibilities – These Quality Engineers normally decide which process has to be checked and how their team should go about it and this is done by making effective use of various tools and equipment pertaining to the industry and their line of work. The whole initiative of the quality engineers in doing all this is focused towards the quality enhancement methods to avoid any kind of rejections that could be made. These professionals work with various engineers to resolve the main product quality related issues and to measure how good they are in real time environment. They are also accountable for executing the restraint and counteractive actions at their plants to resolve any problems. They are also held answerable when in any inspection it is found out that there are certain deficiencies in their supplied products. They also have to be associated with the purchasing and also the supplier engineers to get any problems fixed at their ends which could include preservation and rectifying acts as well. In addition to responding to the various crises at hand, these engineers also have to be occupied in the reduction in the variations and also in elimination of the defects by making use of diverse tools and equipment and methods meant for quality enhancement.

  • Education and Expertise Required

What is the educational path to be taken to become a Quality Engineer?

The qualifications and other requirements in becoming a Quality engineer are totally dependent on the kind of process to be handled by the quality engineers and also on the kind of industry these aspiring engineers would want to get into. A general overview of the basic prerequisites is given below:

  • The first and foremost requirement is having a solid foundation with good high school education or diploma.
  • The next step would be to acquire either a Diploma or a Degree in field of quality management or engineering or the specific line of work in this section.
  • Once the degree is completed, then at least a minimum of 3 years experience as an intern in any related field would be required. This would make a good addition to the desirability quotient of the resume of the aspirant.
  • They should then take various classes and coaching’s to understand and handle the various tools and equipment related to their line of work.

The skills that are needed to be held by the aspirant seeking a position in this field include the following traits and abilities:

  • The aspirant must be detail oriented and should be able to spot an error within no time.
  • The candidate should be good with analytical ability and should be able to smell a problem that might be needing space to arise.
  • A quality engineer needs to be a good communicator to be able to explain his expectations to the people who are concerned and who are responsible for the implementation of quality standards
  • He should have great problem solving ability.
  • The aspirant must have great team working spirit
  • He should be a good leader and be willing to work under any condition.

These are a few skills that one must have to become a Quality engineer.

  • Career Growth

The options for witnessing professional growth in the career of a Quality engineer

There is no limit on the growth of the quality engineers in their line of profession, as these jobs have always been in huge demand and would remain the same way as the companies, plants and other industries are only growing and not decreasing. Their job prospects are among the best in any other related profession. The projections about the growth in the number of employment options in this career have been very encouraging. The job options would emerge from the fact that the customers have become really conscious about the quality issues. They would want to have the best of the quality products for the prices they are willing to part with.

The options for making a vertical progression in the career hierarchy are also very good in this profession. One can reach good managerial positions with the proper attitude and preparation in this career. The aspirants who attain quality experience of a few years can go ahead to no bounds. The regular updating of skills and knowledge would also ensure that the deserving quality engineers reach the heights they are meant for.

Sales Support Job Description

v  Nature of their Job

What does a Sales Support professional do?

The main function of this professional is to sell a service or merchandise for their stores or the outlets of their businesses. This Sales Support Job Description would explain the same in much detail. These job positions would be found in all industries like computer manufacturing, garments and clothing, automobile sector and so on as every manufacturer needs to sell to enjoy a sustained survival. The sales support professional is generally found to be working in a team or can also work independently depending on the size of the company. Their liability is to sell the products and convert a lead into a sale or a deal irrespective of the line of work they are in. These professionals have to be active, determined, positive and also prepared. They need to have good knowledge about the product being handled and also should be good at persuading people towards the product in question.

Work Culture – If an individual works as a sales support executive, then it is his duty to carry out all the administrative tasks and also the other workplace related jobs in addition to his own job of preparing for sales. All this support handed by the sales support professional would leave the main sales force free, so that they can completely concentrate and focus on devising plans for selling their products. Their work usually depends on the size of their team and also the kind of sales their organization does normally and also on the kind of product that is being sold.

Duties of a Sales Support Professional – Depending on their company, the most typical duties that a sales support individual would perform include the following:

  • Creating and processing the new leads is one primal task that is performed by a sales support professional.
  • Taking care of the communication among the sales group and their customers is also to be paid attention to by this professional to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted conversation of sales team with clients.
  • To monitor the accounts of the customers is also to be handled by the sales support professional.
  • He has to provide the required data and also the reports to assist the sales force with their informational needs.
  • The sales support professional has to keep a track of the targets.
  • Answering telephone calls and also scheduling appointments is also to be taken care of by the sales support team.

These are some of the most basic functionalities catered to by the sales support professional on an ordinary work day.

v  Education and Expertise Required

What are the qualifications and other skill related requisites for a Production Assistant?

The sales support professionals don’t have any specific or particular requirement as to any special educational qualifications as this profession is more a company based one. In any case, for the understanding of the aspirants for this profession, some requirements which would be very helpful to getting in this profession have been stated in the forthcoming lines:

ü  A high school degree from a recognized institution in any stream.

ü  A bachelor’s degree from any university in the subjects of management studies.

ü  The contenders with a degree of graduation in the field of sales and marketing are highly preferred for this job.

ü  Any Certified training in sales related ventures and projects is of enormous benefit.

ü  Having some experience in selling of goods and services could also be a great source that could help the aspirant get a good and well paid job.

Essential skills required for this profession –

  • Good negotiating skills
  • The candidate seeking this position should be courteous as well as convincing.
  • The personnel in this field needs to have good knowledge in customer services.
  • A very important skill demanded by this profession is excellent communication skills as it is only manipulating with words that could lead to a sale.
  • The candidate should be able to deal with commission, price and other deals.
  • The candidate should also be ready to work in the oddest hours of the day and would also be needed to go to far distances and travel much in this profession.

v  Career Growth

The path to progress in the profession of sales support

The Employment scene for these professionals is estimated to increase by 7 to 12% in the coming years, which will depend on the performance of the industry. Hence, this assumes the position of being a very promising career. Apart from this there would be many job openings, which will result from the requirement to reinstate those workers who get transferred or leave the jobs to take up other careers.

Everyday, so many products and services thrall the markets that the options and choice of the customers see a major variety that is available to choose from. Now in this intensified competitive scenario, the sales support team assumes great importance and hence is much in demand. One may climb up to the managerial positions after attaining a good length of experience in this field. One may also prosper in this profession with the additions in their credentials and good experience.

Driver job description

What is the nature of their work?

  • Work Profile:

Who is a driver and what does he do?

This Driver job description gives the detailed explanation of the job profile of a driver. A driver provides transportation services or delivers products from one person or place to another. Drivers can be long-haul drivers of trucks, delivery drivers, chauffeurs or taxi drivers.

Various tasks performed by a driver:

  • Operating delivery vans, tractor-trailers, taxis, buses or private vehicles.
  • Transporting the clients and delivering merchandise safely.
  • Performing pre-trip inspection of vehicle to check its oil, gas, instruments, emergency and safety gears.
  • Following road safety and traffic rules.
  • Caring for and maintaining the vehicle.
  • Taking the vehicle to the garage for repairing and maintenance.
  • Assisting clients in entering and exiting from the vehicle.
  • Receiving directions and route assignments given by the dispatcher.
  • Some drivers need to maintain records like mileage, purpose of trip, number of stops, number of daily passengers, etc.
  • Credentials and Abilities required

What are the essential requirements for the driver?


  • Drivers need to have basic reading, writing and mathematical skills.
  • They should be above 18 years in age (21 years for interstate driving) and have a valid driving license.
  • The driving license differs for different sorts of drivers.
  • Chauffeurs or taxi drivers need to have a ‘hack license’ which varies from state to state.
  • Tractor or trailer drivers or drivers of vehicles carrying hazardous materials should possess a commercial driver’s license.


  • Drivers should be mentally and physically fit to avoid incidences of accidents.
  • They should be able to handle fatigue.
  • Their working hours are generally long and very unpredictable.
  • They should have the ability to carry out basic vehicle repairs.
  • Drivers sometimes have to face highway robberies, so they should be strong hearted.
  • Professional Growth

What are the job prospects of a driver?

  • Job prospects for skilled and high quality drivers are good.
  • Those with experience on-the-road are much in demand.
  • Drivers can work as tractor-trailer driver, truck driver (short haul or long haul), car/van driver, delivery driver, company driver or personal chauffeur.